Are you dehydrated?

Are you dehydrated?

If you are feeling thirsty you may already be dehydrated. One of the easiest ways to check your hydration is by your urine color. The kidneys conserve water in response to dehydration, excreting a more concentrated urine. The more concentrated the urine the darker the color.

Match your urine color to the closest color on the chart below, be sure to watch the urine stream not the toilet water. The water in the toilet will dilute your urine color.

Prevent dehydration by drinking before you are thirsty. No amount of training or acclimatization especially in hot weather can reduce the body’s need for water. How much fluids do you need daily to stay hydrated? Use our Daily Hydration calculator to find out.

Download the Urine Color Test Poster provided by the U.S. Army Public Health Command.